October 04, 2012

postcard from two cities :: florence & rome

i am a bit behind with these posts because internet access is a bit spotty but sad to say we are heading home early tomorrow morning {weep weep} so here is a combined postcard of two cities!

i know i have declared love for a lot of the places we have been to, but florence, florence captured my heart completely.  we keep chatting about which city we think we move to and have pretty much tied it up between florence and munich.  on the first night there we met a women from the town i graduated high school  in from northern california- and as an add on, turns out i graduated with her daughter!  then at dinner, two people from toronto ended up sitting right next to us- such a small world!  the bonus of florence was for sure meeting up with an old co-worker for gelato and dinner on our last day.  if colorado would have represented, i would have felt complete!

we finished the trip off in rome, wonderful, amazing rome!  between jay and i we pretty much kept saying "it must be so great to constantly live amongst so much history and art!"  you look left, you look right, you look straight ahead, all you see is beautifully crafted buildings and sculptures you can't believe someone once made by hand.  i'm pretty happy we ended in rome because in just a few short days, it feels like we took a week's worth of site seeing in.  plus, we had the most amazing gelato, hands down, here in rome!  if you ever come be sure to make time for giolitti as you tour around one spectacular city.

if we were to get the chance to head back to any city we have visited thus far, it would for sure be florence... or paris...or cinque terre, oh my i can't decided.  i really do just love them all!

au revoir, freilos, ciao lovely places- we had the most amazing time!

for everyone who provided us with pages amongst pages of suggested places to go, thank you so much!  i'll post more pictures soon once i can organize the hundreds we took!

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