October 04, 2012

postcard from cinque terre

if there is one thing i can say about this picture it is that it does no justice for how  amazing cinque terre actually is!  we stayed in vernazza which is one town away from the more popular cinque terre town monterosso.  this was one of my most anticipated places to visit on this trip because really, who doesn't love bright little towns overlooking an amazing ocean?!

even though the town is small {as in one street small} there is so much to see!  the churches are fantastic and there is so much history to take in.  there is also a hiking path that connects each city which is something everyone should do!  it's one hard path though, really!  they tell you it is easy, but it's pretty much a straight incline. and even though we may have been lapped by a 70 year old couple {seriously}, the hike is very much worth it!  you walk through olive gardens and old stone paths- it's just beautiful!  plus, we sort of got the chance to work off all the pizza, pasta, wine, beer and gelato we have been consuming!  that's good right?!

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