January 14, 2013


this is my first edition to a new series i'm starting called sunday. i chose that day because they are typically the day i decided to dedicate to just a few things: sleeping in, jay, big comfy socks and breakfast burritos. sometimes there is the odd brunch catch up with friends, or nightly hang out with family but for the most part the four things about are pretty much mandatory around here. sunday has always been a special day for me and i think...i think...it's because back in the day it used to be the cheapest day for long distance phone calls . remember that? it always made me super excited for conversations with out of towners. silly? totally! but there is something about sunday were i feel like i can reconnect with the people i love the most. even the fuzzy faced ones like the one above.

this sunday was a quite one with not much to do, and at the same time lots to do. so i guess it was just filled with tasks i didn't really want to do. like laundry. and dishes. which let's face it sometimes it feels really good to not do those things, at least for one day. come monday it may be a different story. but for sunday, especially this sunday, it was totally fine by me! and yes, breakfast burritos were had in big cozy socks with jay after a much needed sleep in.

a lazy first sunday post. a lazy sunday indeed! 

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