January 19, 2013

a thought or two...or three...or four.

our year is well underway and i've been fortunate to be able to reconnect with home over the past few weeks. feeling fully connected with friends and family is luxury i don't really get over december only because i work for consumer practice where let's face it, christmas is pretty much the be all end all. 

 it's amazing how far away you feel working all day everyday, even if you are working from home at night or on the weekends. i have this constant feeling of being "left out" even though i am right there. i also feel fully distracted by the cats, a sore neck on the couch, a bed just on the other side of a wall...things like that. but mostly i hate feeling like i haven't seen jay in forever! 

on the flip side of the "all i want to do is go home and hug my husband" feeling, there are eleven months of the year when i think, i am so lucky to work where i do. for someone who had no direction, no friends, and not a clue of how i was going to make my life work in toronto after leaving such an amazing life in L.A...i feel incredibly fortunate for this wonderful life i seem to have stumbled upon. sure it hasn't always been the easiest road and i yes i have taken as many opportunities to better our life here as i possibly could, but every crazy busy, tough, or tiresome day there is, there is not a day where i think, ugh this needs to change! 

and for that, i will always feel forever grateful. 

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