February 02, 2013

last november we found out that we would get to share our walls with a new little member of our family and we couldn't be more thrilled! even though it was planned, it still came as a bit of a shock. i mean…parents. we are going be parents! parents to a little face that we get to call our very own. from time to time, it just seams unreal. i keep thinking “is this actually happening? yep it’s really happening.” and to put it lightly, the last few months is just about the most blissful type of worrying i have ever done.

we won’t be finding out if it is a boy or a girl but we will be anticipating its arrival every minute of every day until august. for now, i will be dreaming of the day when i get to swaddle this little person, wipe away their tears and drool, listen to their coos, make them laugh and kiss them all over their tiny little face! poor child has no idea how many hugs and kisses are in store for it, because between both mom and dad, it’s going to be a lot!

until we meet this little face of ours, we have given it a temporary name, boleslaw, which we know is not the most flattering, but it makes us giggle every time we refer to the babe as baby boleslaw. again, poor child already.  

please feel free to send any parenting advice, toronto mom groups that you love, or great shops to buy clothes for this expanding belly! 

little one, we cannot wait to meet you! 
xo. mom & dad



  2. Congratulations!! I'm so excited and happy for you guys!!! You two ar e going to b AMAZING parents!! Love Patti

    1. Thanks Wacker!! Hopefully we have cute littles just like you!

  3. Signed mom & dad, that is good fit for you two!
    We share your joy.
    Love, Barbara Kuiper and Joe McCullough