January 28, 2013


all of the sudden i feel like i am living back in denver. we woke up with snow, snow and more snow all to have it turn to complete slush by the afternoon. come on canada, shouldn't we be buried in cm upon cm of snow by now? plus my daily lug of purse and computer has been joined by winter boots, umbrella, gloves and hat for, ya know? whatever is happening outside. and with the flux in weather comes sneeze after sneeze but only after i just took a gulp of tea or a bite of food. gross? yes. annoying? sure is! it is also slightly embarrassing from time to time too, whose kidding who.

when i first moved to toronto it was the dead of winter. no sun. no sun for a month! i remember thinking there is no way any all of the snow would melt before summer started, there was just no way! i also maybe cried twice because of the weather too. don't worry, i've bucked up since. but now i really like winter...

...as long as it is consistent and the power never goes out.  

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