May 14, 2013

a bit of our weekend

this girl above just turned three. three! seeing as the last birthday we celebrated with this lovely little one was her first birthday, we packed up our car and took a little trip to spend the weekend to celebrate with her. jay's mom & dad travelled down for the party as well which inevitably means that we get trumped by oma & opa, which is fair, i mean grandparents are pretty much the best thing ever right? 

saturday was like looking at jay and my future in three years. nine kids plus parents equals loud room but honestly, really really fun. i had one three year old make me imaginary food for a good half hour. he even cut my imaginary food and washed the imaginary dishes! seriously he actually washed the dishes. then there was the four year old who rubbed my belly and chatted up boleslaw because she knew there was a baby in there. heart... melted.

in other parts of the weekend was my first mother's day! yay! it consisted of some good baby kicks, a  surprise gift, card and morning decaf latte run/delivery from jay, a morning at a park with family, and a traffic free drive back to toronto listening to some of my favourite past albums i haven't put on in a long time!

happy mother's day to all of you mother's out there!
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