October 12, 2013

it's thanksgiving weekend here in canada and we are heading on a two hour car drive to celebrate with family...wish us luck!

i'm hoping miss m will just pass out but she has been pretty hit or miss when it comes to car rides. she hasn't quite decided what to make of them yet. it must be hard to be so little with all of these new experiences being thrown at you. but i have made sure to pack our bags with some good distracting toys, soothers (in case we drop one in the road, because that happened and wasn't too fun), and a bottle just in case we can't pull over right away.

somehow we managed to make something to bring with us too! more jay managed to make something while i sang little richard songs to mila this morning. or the parts of what little richard songs i knew. okay, it was pretty much tutti frutti on repeat. sometimes this girl gets burdened by whatever song pops in my head first, but at least we have a good time dancing around to them.

hope you have a great weekend! 

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