October 24, 2013

life lately

we are almost celebrating two months here having little m around and while at times it has been a bit of a challenge trying to navigate mommy-hood and understanding what she needs i have to say, it has been the best time of my life. every week there is something new that she has discovered and i sort of love seeing her figure things out in her own time. jay's new role as dad is also pretty spectacular. i really didn't think that man could get any more handsome but seeing him goof it up with our baby pretty much makes my heart implode daily. she sure does love her dad more than anything! though i have noticed she smiles so big when she sees the two of us sticking out our tongues or making cooing sounds in front of her. i always imagine her thinking "dance monkeys, dance!" whenever we go on and on trying to get smile after smile out of her. but it's worth it to see those eyes light up and that little gummy smile go from smirk to grin.

we have started a few routines with her now and she is starting to really pick up on them. in the morning we read her wurthering heights for babies. she loves the illustrations in the book and just sits there and stares as i point out "castle" and "clouds". then she'll reach out, smack the page and give a little smile. it's ridiculously adorable. in the afternoon we read miss twiggley's tree. it was a favourite of mine from childhood and takes up fifteen minutes easy. she doesn't really get the book yet but i think she likes hearing mom's voice fluctuate when the hurricane comes. at night we are all about goodnight moon. we never go through front to back and usually drop new things to say goodnight to while she looks at the pictures. the other night jay said "goodnight moon, goodnight red balloon, good night pat falloon" (pat falloon is apparently a retired hokey player. the things you learn married to a canadian). after our book we swaddle her up and go around counting the light switches we turn off in the house. sometimes she is in to it, and other times not so much but it's what we do around these parts to set bedtime in motion. i hope one day she'll reach out and turn the switches off herself.

other then that i finally got called in to take my citizenship test, woot! i'll be taking the test next week on halloween which seems sort of perfect seeing as it is my favourite holiday and the day before jay and my anniversary. this might just mean that for the next week mila's afternoon book will be the 'discover canada study guide' instead of miss twiggley's tree. i'm sure i can make it sound fun when i read about the rights, responsibilities, historical and economical growth of canada. sounds fun already right? 

then i just need to work on getting little miss m her dual citizenship. maybe i can knock both out in one week! likelihood of that happening is slim though. we'll see!

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