January 23, 2014

around these parts

we have had a lot of inside time lately. a lot. this polar vortex keeps stopping by for a visit making our temperatures -20c most days (or -4 for our fahrenheit friends). plus with wind chill warnings i'm not too interested in taking m out for a little afternoon stroll most days. even if she is toasty and warm and covered up in her stroller i would still need to lug our stroller down our narrow staircase, baby in arms, and struggle opening and attaching everything one handed. it's just not worth it when you know what kind of weather is going to greet you on the other side.

instead, we have suckered up extra pajama time, more books, new music and daily laughs which have become a regular occurrence for m. it makes this mama's heart melt every single time she laughs but especially when we laugh together. while cabin fever hasn't set in, i do still find myself dreaming of sunny days again. jay and i have talked about where we want to travel to next and i find myself spouting off a few warm weather places before anywhere else first. seems my subconscious is sneaking sunny thoughts. for now, we are hanging snug at home while my self inflicted "stroller bruises" are on reserve for warmer days.

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