March 03, 2014

au revoir cocoa

it happened. a big decision and goal i made that i hope teaches me a valuable lesson about self control and healthier choices. for one full year i have decided to go sans chocolate. it may seem silly, but if you know me well, (specifically while in my ninth month of pregnancy) you'll understand what a big deal this is. it's a choice that has little to do with weight lose and a lot to do with my attempt to make better choices.

chocolate is an easy go to in my mind. if it's there of course i am going to eat it. before anything else in our house, that chocolate would be the first thing gone. and then the first thing to be restocked. it became a way for me to get out of the house and a quick way to treat myself. then it became a thing i shamefully ate in my car alone when no one was watching. i'll let you laugh at that visual for a sec. needless to say, it became a mindless grab that had no benefit other than allowing a quick getaway, something i think every person needs in some form or another. i would just rather my getaway be in the form of exercise or time with friends, or browsing the latest j.crew and madewell collections with a glass of wine in hand. 

i'm not giving up sweets or sugar altogether, i do have some control there. chocolate however will be shelved for the next year. i started this venture on valentine's day of all days and have kept to it for the past few weeks. so far so good i would say!

wish me luck!

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