March 05, 2014

on mamahood :: month five

this post is coming a bit late as we are well in to our six month, but lucky for me, the list below gradually builds throughout the month i recap. so late to post, but not late enough to remember. phewf.

the time seems to be passing so quickly now. i remember in the first few months it just slugged on but i think it was because i was looking towards certain milestones as exciting markers to experience. i couldn't wait until she was able to roll over or sit up or have babbling conversations with me. I couldn't wait until she would smile and laugh at us, or we could begin to tell who this little lady was starting to become. now i find myself just living in the moment with her and celebrating the time we have together. she is growing so fast! i swear every morning i feel like she has woken up a little different then the day before. you'll see it finally hit me that i will be returning to work at the end of summer. it's such a bittersweet feeling and one i don't like to think about often, you'll see why below.

LAAV on mamahood at five months:
  • she refuses to roll over.
  • we are finally up to longer naps! full night sleeps are still a challenge but we'll take what we can get.
  • daddy/daughter dance parties to the beatles radio station is my favourite weekend activity.
  • singing elvis to her gets a guaranteed smile. every. single. time. specifically heartbreak hotel.
  • our lives have become musicals. we sing about everything we are doing. mainly to the tune of heartbreak hotel for obvious reasons.
  • bruce has dominated 'favourite thing' in our house. she smiles and chats with him and tries to grab his tail at every chance she gets.
  • i am incredibly thankful to know other moms. especially ones that get you out of the house to the aquarium on polar vortex days.
  • she can sit unsupported for a second or two, yay!
  • effing nail clippers. i have nightmares about them but am committed to overcoming my fear at this point.
  • i had my first tear about returning back to work which was followed by a looming vision of baby m's face pressed against the daycare glass screaming while my heart breaks walking away. that i'm sure will be a public cry fest day.

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