March 25, 2014

on mamahood :: month six

it's funny to me how much can happen in one week yet how little can happen in one month. in short, i have succomb to knowing i can't make sense of everything in this parenting journey but at the very least i can conclude i am still loving every minute. i was really looking forward to month six because it opened an entire new chapter of fun; introducing solid foods. it also introduced an entire new obsession with researching waaaayyyy to much on how to do it. i can't stop, i just can't. we really like the idea of baby led weaning, but m wasn't so keen. at least not entirely, so we are doing a hybrid of baby led weaning and mushy foods which seems to work just fine!

LAAV on mamahood at six months:
  • she rolled from back to front! twice! that's right.
  • i could have babbling conversations with her forever.
  • the first time she reached out for me to take her my heart imploded. 
  • dad is a lot cleaner with high chair feedings then mom is. i kind of like seeing her touch and smear things even if it leads to longer clean ups.
  • (she is sleeping better...shhh, don't tell anyone!)
  • jay is teaching her how to wave hello and it's the cutest thing ever. 
  • prunes. enough said.
  • i am getting excited about heading back to work but still have that horrible 'crying face babe pressed up against the window at daycare' visual in my head.
  • yellow submarine is the new heartbreak hotel getting a guaranteed smile every time.
  • funny faces in the mirror is our daily obsession. 
  • i can't wait for sun because this snowsuit business is getting really old.
  • she loves watching me brush my teeth, but i can't sing and can't talk when doing it, i can only brush.
  • subway travel with a stroller is impossible in toronto. we need more elevators or at least escalators that go both up and down.
  • it doesn't hit me how big she really has gotten until jay and i are scrolling through photos from a few months ago.
  • our house feels especially small now.

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