March 20, 2014

happy first day of spring!!

(image of toronto's high park cherry blossoms via here)

can i just get an amen for warm weather on the horizon before saying anything else? amen!

this winter. ugh. this winter has officially gotten under my skin. ever since first moving to toronto (and crying twice during my first winter here, seriously) i have refrained from complaining about the weather. it's just the nature of where we live and for some reason it always adds a bit more yuck to the already existing cabin fever feeling. instead i try to focus on the niceties like warm wooly sock, fluffy blankets, and as much pajama time as i can possibly get, but my optimism is dwindling. fast! this has been such a long, drawn out, freezing, and  in my opinion, to many polar vortexes to stomach kind of winter. i mean c'mon!

does anyone else feel like they have arrived at spring fully exasperated like we just scrapped our way through miles of frozen tundra to see one ounce of sunshine? i actually feel exhausted by the weather and had a full sigh of relief when i saw google's homepage welcoming spring today. we have been singing a lot of 'here comes the sun' around this house lately and just a few weeks ago i put m in spring clothes and turned up the heat a bit just because!

needless to say, warm weather we are ready for you! winter, you've been real (maybe a little too real) but please allow spring to move in quickly. we need endless days at the park, splash pads, and more importantly, sunshine on our faces!

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