June 21, 2014

longest. move. ever!

a quick vent.

i swear it doesn't matter how many boxes i unpack or how many times i organize one construction filled corner of a room, i still feel unsettled. i can't find anything, anything! okay that's not entirely true but i have been looking for one box of mila's clothes for two weeks now. it's the one box i set aside because it is filled with the clothes she wears on a regular basis. where are they? yeah. wish i knew. so much for setting aside.

typically, i take mila's nap times as an opportunity to relax but there is no resting in this house. not now and it feels like not ever. yesterday was the first day i put on makeup and did something to my hair other than throw it back since last week. i actually made myself keep it down all day despite how much humidity messed with it. i may have spent the day in the same shirt i slept in (whatever) but my hair stayed down.

how do you other mamas do it? i swear i see so many well put together moms and babes out there. 

anyone want to come help me unpack and find a home in our house for things i forgot we owned? anyone? actually, until this home is up to snuff we may be more visitors than hosts. but one day, one day i will sit with tea on a couch thinking "homeownership is the best". because it is, right? okay that's all. 

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