July 11, 2014

on mamahood :: month 9

holy smokes is this a late post, and regretfully i didn't update my list as the month went on like i normally do. so sadly, this is a recall of month nine rather than a running list of all the little things mila did or discovered. month ten will be a good one i promise (seriously, because she has been so fun this month)!

LAAV on mamahood at nine months:
  • tooth count: 1
  • she commando crawls like a pro!
  • first splash pad experience = major cool parents 
  • i'm convinced she will never fill up if she is eating strawberries, blueberries, or cheese
  • she tried peanut butter for the first time and my panic level raised to code orange- she was fine and actually really loves it
  • her little bum sticks up in the air when she sleeps and it's the cutest thing
  • i have worried every night about the temperature in her room because i can't seem to regulate it
  • waving to herself in the mirror her favourite game
  • she's a mama's girl and i love it more than i can explain
  • stroller naps are officially a no go now (unless we exhaust her enough to finally fall asleep on the go)
  • she hates eggs in all forms even masked with cheese
  • i took her to her first museum trip and she pointed our way around the dinosaur exhibit

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