August 08, 2014

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every morning when i get a little quiet time i like to catch up online with friends and current affairs. i get lost in instagram and my rss feeds that are a mixture of blogs and news syndicates. i basically see it as my time to catch up.

one of the reasons why i started this blog was because at the time, i always seemed to land on a negative piece of news. "this war here..." "this explosion here..." "this arrest made..." you get it right? by no means am i saying these articles aren't newsworthy, the absolutely are and i am happy they are shared so proper awareness can be given. i just felt personally that i commonly gravitated towards news that was heartbreaking or devastating not heartfelt and uplifting. today after reading about the newest airstrike order i thought now might be a good time to search the web for reminders that the world we live in isn't all bad. that not all news is upsetting, and really beautiful things happen all the time should our eyes just be open to them.

below are a few links i wanted to share. hopefully they will lift up your day the same way they did for me!

hummus selfies via deseret news national:
a new social media campaign taking a small stance on a bigger message. sure it is adding light to a very horrible conflict with israel and palestine but it's swaying the conversation every so slightly to find a common ground for equality, even if it starts with the silliest thing, it's a start nonetheless. there is even a facebook page for the hummus initiative.

i found it incredibly heartwarming that so many people worked together to help one person. no one left it up to the platform workers or seemed bothered to shove a super heavy train to help this man. look at the diversity of the people helping, it really is a wonderful group effort.

dr. mulualem gessesse is one incredible woman who deserves a lot of attention for her work with newborns. she has spread her education through multiple hospitals allowing for neonatal practice to be given on a regular basis. she started with very little and turned what little she had into a miracle network for families.

and then there is this kid...

happy friday all! 
hope you guys have a great weekend!

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